Office of legal services GOREJ Legal was established by its owner, founder and lawyer as well - JUDr. Roman Gorej. Our company is providing legal services and consultancy according to the Act of advocacy 586/2006 in wording of later regulation.

Company residence is situated on Krmanova street number 14. in Košice. Field of activity is covering entire area of Slovak republic.

Company benefits are based on long-standing professional experience of founder in the area of providing legal services.

The main purpose of advocacy is to exercise and protect constitutional right of natural persons for defense and to protect other rights and interests of natural persons and corporate bodies with conformity with Constitution of Slovak republic, constitutional laws, laws and other generally obligatory regulations.

Advocacy performance consist of representation of clients on court, against public bodies and other subjects of law, defense in criminal law, providing of legal consultancy, composing of documents about legal acts, processing of legal analysis, administration of client’s property and other forms of legal consultancy, support and assistance, in case it is rewarded. Specialization of legal office is initiated in section Services.

Lawyers, employees and external co-workers of Gorej’s legal office have all necessary professional and practical experiences. Our employees remain loyalty to the clients of our company. They are always prepared to provide conscientiously and complex legal consultancy. Discretion is the main attribute of our work and also the main foundation of satisfaction of our clients.