Legal office of JUDr. Roman GOREJ is providing legal services and consultancy for their clients based on the best of their interests in conformity with the Act of advocacy.

Legal office is mainly focused on providing legal advice in the business and civil law in the following subdivisions:

- complex solution of relations of companies in business law and cooperatives
- complex arrangement and proposal of contract relations in business and civil law
- complex legal and professional consulting in the area of real estate’s
- complex legal and professional consulting in bankrupt law
- administration of claims and debts
- administration of property
- plead clients cases against courts, notaries, state bodies and self – governing bodies

Satisfaction of our clients is our main purpose in providing legal services and consultancy. To achieve the best results we are always prepared to provide legal services flexible, originatively, on the basics of professional care, including the application professional experience and practical skills.

Besides the above mentioned legal services and consultancy we are able to provide services through our external consultants as services in tax tasks, bookkeeping and interpreting.