According the Act of advocacy, the lawyer is responsible and obligatory to observe reticency about all the facts he has come to know in the connection with the providing of the legal services. Lawyer may be divested of obligation to observe reticency by the client’s approval, for the time after the client’s death or after the termination of client by the approval of client’s trustee. Lawyer is also obliged to observe reticency in case of client’s approval, or after all clients’ trustee approval, when he considers that devastation of responsibility to observe reticency may be on the client’s detriment.

Obligation to observe reticency is also applying on:
a) employees of lawyer
b) other persons, who are in any connection related to the providing of legal services
c) members of authority chamber and its employees

Discretion is the fundamental principle related to our clients. Any kinds of information obtained from our clients are always considered as strictly confidential and we strictly rule out any information escape.